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The Ultimate Guide to Self Catering Ireland Accommodation

Searching for that ideal spot to hang your hat can truly set the tone for your enchanting Irish getaway. Like many, you might find yourself deep in the rabbit hole of online listings, seeking just the right mix of charm and comfort.

Fortunately, with over 5,000 self-catering options across Ireland, you’re spoiled for choice. Through my guide’s lens, we’ll explore everything from quaint cottages to expansive townhouses—ensuring that by the time you arrive you’ll feel nothing short of a local insider.

Get ready to uncover your perfect Irish retreat!

Key Takeaways

  • Self – catering in Ireland lets you choose when to eat, sleep, and explore.
  • You can find lots of different places to stay like cottages and townhouses.
  • Using trusted websites helps you pick the best spot for your trip.
  • Reading what other guests say is a smart way to learn about where you’ll stay.
  • Plan your meals, know the area and talk with the owner for a great visit.

Why Choose Self Catering Accommodation?

If you value freedom and flexibility during your vacation, self catering accommodation is the perfect choice for you. With more space and privacy, it allows you to have a cost-effective holiday while still enjoying all the comforts of home.

Freedom and flexibility

I choose self-catering for the freedom it gives me. I can wake up whenever, eat whatever and go wherever without a set schedule. It’s like having my own home in Ireland. No need to stick to hotel meal times or wait for room service.

With a private kitchen, I cook my favorite dishes or experiment with local ingredients when it suits me.

Exploring at my pace feels amazing. If there’s a hidden beach or a quaint village nearby, I can change plans on the fly and check it out. My stay doesn’t have to fit into neat little boxes; every day is mine to shape.

That’s the beauty of self-contained stays – they offer an independence that traditional hotels just can’t match.

More space and privacy

Self-catering accommodations in Ireland offer ample space and privacy, providing a comfortable living environment for your vacation. Holiday cottages and apartments provide real living areas with the added bonus of extra touches like welcome packs, flowers, and DVDs.

These properties give you the freedom to relax and enjoy your vacation at your own pace within a private setting.

For travelers seeking independent holiday stays or personalized vacations, self-contained accommodations in Ireland are an ideal choice. With options ranging from vacation villas to short-term rental properties, there are plenty of choices to find the perfect DIY accommodation that suits your needs for space and privacy during your stay in Ireland.


Choosing self-catering accommodation in Ireland is a cost-effective option, providing good value for money and allowing you to stick to your budget. Holiday cottages and vacation rentals often offer competitive prices compared to traditional hotels, saving you money that can be better spent on exploring local attractions or enjoying authentic experiences such as dining at local pubs and restaurants.

This type of independent living accommodation in Ireland gives you the freedom to plan meals according to your budget and preferences, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking an affordable yet comfortable stay during their visit.

– Top Destinations for Self Catering in Ireland

Top Destinations for Self Catering in Ireland

Explore the vibrant city of Dublin, the charming town of Galway, the scenic beauty of Killarney, and the cultural hub of Cork. Don’t forget to visit Westport for its traditional Irish music and outdoor activities.


Dublin is a fantastic destination for self-catering accommodations in Ireland. With a wide variety of vacation rentals and holiday homes, you can find the perfect place to stay while exploring this vibrant city.

Self-contained stays provide the freedom to explore Dublin at your own pace, immersing yourself in its rich history and culture. Personally, I found reputable websites like Fáilte Ireland very useful when searching for self-catering properties in Dublin.

These platforms give you access to guest reviews and ensure that you find a comfortable and convenient location with flexible payment options.


Galway offers a vibrant and culturally rich experience, making it an ideal destination for self-catering in Ireland. Its lively streets are filled with traditional pubs hosting live music, while the stunning landscapes of Connemara provide ample opportunity for exploration.

The city is also known for its annual arts festival, drawing travelers seeking a mix of urban excitement and natural beauty.

Self-catering options in Galway range from cozy cottages to modern apartments, offering flexibility and convenience during your stay. Whether you’re exploring the cobblestone streets of the Latin Quarter or venturing out to the scenic Aran Islands, Galway provides an authentic Irish experience that’s perfect for independent travelers looking to immerse themselves in local culture and history.


Killarney offers stunning self-catering accommodations, allowing you to explore its natural beauty at your own pace. The vacation rentals in Killarney provide personalized stays with spacious living areas and necessary amenities, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking independent living accommodation in Ireland.

With the Irish tourist board’s guidance and reputable websites like Airbnb, finding the perfect self-catering property in Killarney is convenient. Additionally, the flexibility and affordability of these DIY accommodations ensure a memorable and cost-effective stay amidst Killarney’s captivating landscapes.

Not only can you experience freedom and privacy in the self-serviced apartments or vacation homes in Killarney, but they also offer easy access to local culture and food. Staying at a self-contained accommodation allows you to immerse yourself fully in the heart of this charming town while enjoying all that it has to offer – from breathtaking views to outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling.


Now, let’s head to Cork. This vibrant city in the south of Ireland offers a fantastic self-catering experience. With its rich history, lively arts scene, and stunning coastline, Cork has something for everyone.

Explore the English Market to pick up fresh local ingredients for your meals or take a leisurely stroll through Fitzgerald Park. Don’t miss out on visiting the nearby Blarney Castle to kiss the famous Blarney Stone and gain the gift of eloquence.

For a peaceful retreat, consider renting a cozy cottage in County Cork’s picturesque countryside, where you can enjoy serene views and immerse yourself in Irish rural life.


In Westport, you can find charming self-catering accommodations like cottages and townhouses. These options offer more space and privacy compared to traditional hotels. Staying in a self-catering property allows you to experience the local lifestyle while enjoying the flexibility of preparing your own meals with fresh groceries from nearby markets or stores.

Self-contained stays in Westport give travelers the freedom to explore at their own pace. The availability of vacation rentals in Ireland caters perfectly to those seeking independent living accommodation, ensuring a memorable and personalized experience during their visit.

How to Find the Perfect Self Catering Property

When searching for the perfect self catering property in Ireland, it’s essential to use reputable websites, read guest reviews, consider location and amenities, and check for flexible payment options.

These factors will help ensure a successful and enjoyable stay during your vacation.

Use reputable websites

When searching for self-catering accommodation in Ireland, it’s important to use reputable websites like Fáilte Ireland and Airbnb. These platforms provide a wide range of options from cottages to apartments, ensuring you find the perfect place that suits your preferences and budget.

Look for properties with positive guest reviews and secure payment options, giving you peace of mind during the booking process.

Now let’s explore how to maximize your self-catering experience by considering location and amenities.

Read guest reviews

When choosing a self-catering property, I always make sure to read guest reviews. They provide insights into the actual experience of staying in the accommodation, helping me make an informed decision.

From cleanliness and amenities to location and customer service, guest reviews give me a clear picture of what to expect during my stay.

It’s important to note that reading guest reviews can reveal both positive and negative aspects of the property, allowing me to weigh the pros and cons before making a reservation.

Consider location and amenities

To find the perfect self-catering property, I focus on location and amenities. I use reputable websites to explore properties in Dublin, Galway, Killarney, Cork, or Westport. Guest reviews provide insights into the quality of accommodation and local area.

Flexible payment options facilitate a convenient booking process.

When choosing my self-catering stay in Ireland, I pack essentials and plan meals while enjoying local culture and food. Familiarization with the area is essential for an enjoyable experience.

Check for flexible payment options

When booking a self-catering property in Ireland, ensure to look for flexible payment options to accommodate your travel budget. Many properties offer the convenience of various payment methods, such as credit cards or online transfers.

This flexibility can provide peace of mind and make the booking process smoother and more convenient.

Ireland’s holiday cottages and apartments often allow for diverse payment options catering to international travelers’ needs, providing ease when securing your accommodation. With the availability of multiple payment choices, you can select the one that suits your preferences best and enjoy a hassle-free booking experience in this beautiful destination.

Tips for a Successful Self Catering Stay

Pack essentials like toiletries, groceries, and any specific cooking utensils you may need. Plan meals ahead of time to ensure you have everything you need for your stay. Familiarize yourself with the local area to make the most of your trip, and don’t hesitate to communicate with the property owner if you have any questions or concerns.

And last but not least, enjoy the local culture and cuisine during your self catering stay in Ireland!

Pack essentials

I always pack essentials like toiletries, clothes suitable for the weather, and any medications I may need. It’s important to have these items to ensure a comfortable stay. Also, don’t forget adapters for electronic devices if you’re traveling from outside of Ireland.

When self-catering in Ireland, remember to also pack some non-perishable food items like snacks or quick meal options that can be challenging to find at odd hours or in remote areas.

Additionally, packing a small first aid kit is helpful just in case of minor injuries during your stay.

Plan meals and groceries

When planning meals and groceries for your self-catering stay in Ireland, consider local cuisine and ingredients to fully immerse yourself in the Irish culinary experience. Look for nearby markets or grocery stores to stock up on essentials like fresh produce, dairy, bread, and meats for convenient meal preparation at your accommodation.

Keep in mind that many self-catering properties offer well-equipped kitchens where you can showcase your cooking skills using locally sourced goods. Embracing the opportunity to cook your meals allows you to savor the flavors of Ireland while also saving money compared to dining out every day during your stay.

Enjoy exploring local flavors by incorporating traditional Irish dishes into your meal plans, from hearty stews and seafood chowders to freshly baked soda bread and delectable desserts featuring regional fruits and dairy products.

Engaging with community markets not only provides a chance to support local businesses but also opens doors to discovering unique ingredients that are essential components of authentic Irish cuisine.

Familiarize yourself with the area

When you arrive at your self-catering accommodation in Ireland, take some time to explore the neighborhood. Look for local grocery stores, markets, and restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Irish cuisine.

Check out nearby attractions and landmarks to plan your sightseeing activities during your stay. Additionally, familiarize yourself with public transportation options or car rental facilities to ease your travel around the area.

Take a walk around your accommodation to get a feel for the surroundings and appreciate the local atmosphere.

Communicate with the property owner

When renting a self-catering property in Ireland, it’s important to communicate with the owner for any questions or concerns. Utilize platforms like Airbnb or contact them directly through email or phone.

Inquire about check-in procedures, amenities, and local recommendations.

Upon booking your accommodation, ask about any specific instructions for arrival and departure. Seek information on nearby grocery stores, transportation options, and emergency contacts.

Enjoy the local culture and food.

Immerse in the vibrant local culture by visiting traditional Irish pubs, where you can savor live music and friendly conversations. Indulge in authentic Irish cuisine at local restaurants, relishing dishes like hearty stews, fresh seafood, and warm soda bread.

Engage with locals at farmers’ markets to sample regional produce and artisanal goods such as cheeses, chocolates, and jams. Experience the warmth of Irish hospitality while exploring cultural landmarks like castles, museums, and art galleries scattered across the country.

Discover the rich tapestry of Ireland’s culinary scene during food festivals celebrating indigenous flavors from various regions. Delight your taste buds with classic favorites such as Boxty (potato pancake), Coddle (sausage stew), and Dublin Bay prawns along with a glass of locally brewed beer or whiskey for an authentic gastronomic experience.


In conclusion, self-catering in Ireland offers freedom, cost-effectiveness, and space. It’s vital to choose reputable websites and read guest reviews when finding a property.

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