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Absolutely loved using Irish Graves to plan my trip to Ireland. The website provided me with valuable information about Irish history and culture, and helped me discover hidden gems that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.
John Chavez
Ireland Traveler
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Explore the breathtaking landscapes and rich history of Ireland through our travel guides and tips.


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Uncover your Irish roots and discover your family history with our comprehensive genealogy resources.


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Immerse yourself in the vibrant traditions and cultural heritage of the Irish people with our in-depth articles.

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Welcome Traveler!

Welcome to IrishGraves.com, a personal journey turned into a cultural exploration, founded by Ryan Nelson. Born of Irish and Scottish heritage and based in New York City, Ryan embarked on a quest to connect more deeply with his Irish roots. This quest not only led to a profound personal discovery but also inspired the creation of IrishGraves.com.

Our Mission

IrishGraves.com was born out of a passion for Irish culture and the desire to share its rich heritage with the world. Our mission is to help others explore the depth and beauty of Ireland, not just as tourists, but as participants in a living, breathing story. We specialize in crafting custom 14-day itineraries that offer an immersive experience into Ireland’s lush landscapes, historic landmarks, and vibrant culture.

Why IrishGraves.com?

Ryan’s journey to Ireland was more than a trip; it was a pilgrimage. Seeking to learn more about his Irish culture and ancestors, he explored ancient graveyards, historic sites, and the untamed beauty of the Irish countryside. These experiences highlighted the importance of connecting with one’s heritage and the transformative power of travel.

Realizing that many others yearn for similar experiences, Ryan envisioned a platform that could facilitate these deeply personal journeys. IrishGraves.com is that vision realized—a place where travelers can find guidance, inspiration, and the tools to plan their own exploration of Ireland.

What We Offer

  • Custom 14-Day Irish Itineraries: Drawing from extensive research and personal exploration, we create bespoke travel plans that cover Ireland’s most iconic sites as well as hidden gems known only to locals. Whether you’re looking to trace your ancestry, dive into Irish culture, or simply bask in the beauty of the Emerald Isle, our itineraries are tailored to meet your unique interests and needs.
  • Cultural Immersion: Our tours go beyond the typical tourist experience. We offer insights into the Irish way of life, from traditional music and dance to the country’s rich literary history and vibrant pub culture.
  • Supportive Travel Coordination: Understanding the logistics of international travel can be daunting. We provide expert advice and support to ensure your journey is seamless, from accommodations and transportation to local guides and activities.

Connect With Us

IrishGraves.com is more than a travel site; it’s a community. Whether you’re of Irish descent or simply captivated by Ireland’s charm, we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery. Let’s explore the soul of Ireland together.

For more information, to share your story, or to start planning your trip, please contact us.

Thank you for visiting IrishGraves.com. We look forward to guiding you through the incredible experience that is Ireland.