It is very difficult, given Ireland's history, to decide whether to place certain individuals into the politics or the conflict category. In many cases they are interchangable. Those without hyperlinks are still pending.

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Douglas Hyde

Sean T O’Kelly

Eamon DeValera

Cearbhall O’Dalaigh

Erskine Childers



William Cosgrave

Eamon DeValera

Sean Lemass

John A Costello

Jack Lynch


Prime Minister Northern Ireland

James Craig

Terence O’Neill

Lord Brookeborough

Brian Faulkner

James Chichester Clarke


Prime Minister Victoria

Charles Gavin Duffy


President Israel

Chaim Herzog



Frank Aiken

C.S. Todd Andrews

James Brown Armour

Francis Joseph Bigger

Kevin Boland

Brendan Bracken

Noel Browne

Thomas Henry Burke

Isaac Butt

Alfie Byrne

James Henry Mussen Campbell

Edward Carson

Roger Casement

Robert Stewart Lord Castlereagh

Kathleen Daly Clarke

George Colley

Michael Collins

James Connolly

Henry Cooke

Richard Boss Croker

Michael Davitt

Joe Devlin

Paddy Devlin

John Blake Dillon

John Dillon

Thomas Drummond

Charles Gavin Duffy

John Foster

Maud Gonne MacBride

Henry Grattan

Arthur Griffith

T.M. Healy

Bulmer Hobson

Jim Kemmy

Charles Joseph Kickham

Kitty Kiernan

Fintan Lalor

James Larkin

Delia Larkin

Patrick Lavelle

Sean MacBride

Sean MacEntee

Terence Bellew MacManus

Eoin MacNeill

James MacNeill

Terence MacSwiney

Darcy McGee

Thomas Francis Meagher

Jane Verner Mitchel

John Mitchel

William Smith O’Brien

Daniel O’Connell

Feargus Edward O’Connor

Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa

General Eoin O'Duffy

Kevin O’Higgins

Kitty O’Shea

Charles Stewart Parnell

Fanny Parnell

Margaret Pearse

Richard Pigott

Jenny Wyse Power

John Redmond

P.J. Rutledge

Tom Steele

Norman Stronge

James Mark Sullivan

Arthur Wellesley