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Mother Mary Aikenhead

Bishop William Alexander

Mrs Cecil Alexander

Rev Mervyn Archdall

Margaret Aylward

Father Bannon

Dr Thomas Barnardo

Bishop William Bedell

Lord John George Beresford

Marcus Gervais Beresford

Bishop George Berkeley

George Birmingham

Canon Ulick Bourke

Dr Daniel Cahill

Cardinal William Conway

Rev Henry Cooke

Archbishop Thomas Croke


Rev George Croly

Cardinal Paul Cullen

Cardinal John D’Alton

Monsignor Padraig De Brun

Rev Patrick Delany

Frank Duff

Johannes Duns Scotus

Bishop Edward Galvin

Father Aloysius Gentili

Father Gowan

Rev Hugh Hanna

Canon James Owen Hannay

Monsignor James Horan

Father Patrick Lavelle

Cardinal Michael Logue

Archbishop John McHale


Cardinal Joseph MacRory

Dom Joseph Marmion

Archbishop Narcissus Marsh

Father Theobald Matthew

Mother Catherine McAuley

Cardinal McCabe

Cardinal Daniel McGettigan

Archbishop McQuaide

Father Patrick Meehan

Cardinal John Henry Newman

Cardinal Joseph O’Connell

Cardinal Tomas O’Fiaich

Father Michael O’Flanagan


Canon John O’Hanlon

Canon James O’Laverty

Nellie Organ

Gideon Ousely

St Oliver Plunkett

Bishop Plunkett

Edel Quinn

Brother Edward Ignatius Rice

Saint Aidan

Saint Adjutor

Saint Brendan

Saint Brigid

Saint Columbanus

Saint Columcille

Saint Dairbhaile


Saint Feuillien

Saint Fiacre

Saint Gobnait

Saint Laurence O’Toole

Saint MacDuach

Saint Malachy

Saint Patrick

Saint Piran

Saint Ringan

Saint Rumold

Saint Valentine

Sean Na Sagart

Canon Patrick Sheehan

Archbishop George Otto Simms

Father John Spratt

John Steiner

Matt Talbot

Rev Chevenix Trench

Luke Wadding

Archbishop William Walsh

Monsignor Yore