Ray McAnally
Cardinal McCabe
Joe McCann
J.J. McCarthy
Justin McCarthy
Justin Huntley McCarthy
Count John McCormack
F J McCormick
Henry Joy McCracken
Mary Ann McCracken
Alexander McDonnell
Joe McDonnell
Sean McEntee
Raymond McCreesh
Thomas D'Arcy McGee
Cardinal Daniel McGettigan
Thom McGinty
Joseph McGrath
Raymond McGrath
Thomas McKeever
Lambert McKenna
Siobhann McKenna
Michael McLaverty
Terence Bellew McManus
Anew McMaster
Valentine McMaster
Leonard McNally
John Charles McQuaide
Bernard McQuirt














































Ray NcAnally - actor, A Very British Coup and A Perfect Spy

Edward McCabe - cardinal, a great churchman but an indifferent Irishman

Joe McCann - Belfast Republican

J.J. McCarthy - built more Celtic churches than any man of Irish birth

Justin McCarthy - he led the anti-Parnell faction after the divorce case

Justin Huntley McCarthy - Irish Nationalist MP and writer of novels

Count John McCormack - one of the most famous tenors of his day

F.J. McCormick - was considered one of the finest of Abbey actors,

Henry Joy McCracken - United Irishman hanged in 1798

Mary Ann McCracken - a sister of Henry Joy

Alexander McDonnell - the greatest Irish chess player


Joe McDonnell - died on hunger strike

Sean McEntee - politician and founder member of Fianna Fáil

Raymond McCreesh - died on hunger strike

Thomas D'Arcy McGee - poet and Canadian politician

Daniel McGettigan - cardinal

Thom McGinty - the Diceman

Joseph McGrath - established the Hospital Sweepstakes

Raymond McGrath - architect

Siobhann McKenna - actress

Terence Bellew McManus - Fenian, the greatest funeral ever witnessed upon earth

Michael McLaverty - writer, Call My Brother Back

Anew McMaster - actor who brought Shakespeare to rural areas

Leonard McNally - United Irishman informer

John McQuaide - archbishop

Bernard McQuirt - Awarded the VC