Donall MacAmlaigh
Dorothy MacArdle
Maud Gonne MacBride
John MacBride
George Mann MacBeth
Catherine McAuley
Sean MacBride
Denis Florence MacCarthy
Cormac MacCarthy
Donnchadh Ruadh MacConmara
Aindrias MacRaith
Cardinal Joseph MacCrory
Andrew MacCurtain
Hugh MacCurtain
Tomas MacCurtain
Sean MacDermott
Sean Clarach MacDomhnaill
Donagh MacDonagh
Thomas MacDonagh
Alexander MacDonnell
James MacDonnell
General Sean MacEoin
Cathal Bui MacGiolla Ghunna
Patrick MacGill
Maurice MacGonigal
Seosamh MacGrianna
Archbishop MacHale
Micheal MacLiammoir
Daniel Maclise
Cornelius MacLoughlin
Edward MacLysaght
Bryan MacMahon
Francis MacManus
Michael Joseph MacManus
Seumas MacManus
Brinsley MacNamara
Louis MacNeice
James MacNeill
Sir John MacNeill
Sean MacStiofain
P.P. MacSwiney
Terence MacSwiney
Eamonn MacThomais














































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Donall MacAmhlaigh - writer whose books reflect the difficulties of Irish emigrants in England

Dorothy MacArdle - historian

Catherine McAuley - foundress of the Order of Mercy in Dublin

George Mann MacBeth - Scottish poet

Maud Gonne MacBride - muse of W.B. Yeats, revolutionary and supporter of radical causes

John McBride - 1916 leader

Sean MacBride - winner of Nobel Peace prize and Lenin Peace Prize

Denis Florence MacCarthy - the Poet of May

Cormac MacCarthy - Lord of Muskerry

Donnchadh Ruadh MacConmara - Gaelic poet

Aidrias MacRaith - gaelic poet

Joseph MacCrory - cardinal

Andrew MacCurtain - hereditary ollamh (the highest grade of poet), to the O’Briens.


Hugh MacCurtain - published the first English –Irish dictionary

Tomas MacCurtain -Lord Mayor of Cork, shot by the R.I.C.

Sean Macx Dermott - 1916 leader

Seán Clárach MacDomhnaill - one of the leading poets in Munster

Donagh MacDonagh - poet and playwright, son of Tomas

Tomas MacDonagh - poet, 1916 leader

James MacDonnell - founder of the Linenhall Library, Belfast

Sean MacEoin - Leader of the North Longford Flying Column.

Cathal Buí MacGiolla Ghunna - travelling poet

Patrick MacGill - the navvy poet, and writer Children of the dead End

Maurice MacGonigal - painter

Seosamh MacGrianna - one of the finest modern writers in Irish

John MacHale - archbishop, O’Connell called him the Lion of the Fold of Judah


Michael MacLiammoir - actor and writer, All for Hecuba

Daniel Maclise - painter

Cornelius MacLoughlin - United Irishman

Edward MacLysaght - genealogist, Guide to Irish Surnames

Brian MacMahon - wrote short stories, novels and plays

Francis MacManus - writer, Candle for the Proud, Men Withering

Michael Josaeph MacManus - writer, So This is Dublin

Seumas MacManus - writer, The Story of the Irish Race

Brinsley MacNamara - actor and writer, The Valley of the Squinting Windows

Louis MacNeice - poet

Eoin MacNeill - In 1916 he cancelled the orders for the Easter Rising

James MacNeill - Governor General 1928

Sir John MacNeill  - civil engineer, particularly railways

Sean MacStiofain - leader of the Provisional IRA in early 70s


Terence MacSwiney - Lord mayor of Cork, died on hunger strike

Eamonn MacThomais - Broadcaster and writer, Me Jewel and Darling Dublin