Walter Macken
Charles Macklin
R R Madden
Thomas More Madden
Martha Magee
Francis Maginn
William Maginn
Cornelius Magrath
Edward Maguire
Sam Maguire
John Pentland Mahaffy
Michael Mallin
Mary Mallon
Molly Malone
Manchester Martyrs
James Clarence Mangan
Countess Markiewicz
Joseph Marmion
Narcissus Marsh
Edward Martyn
Father Theobald Matthew
Basil William Maturin
Charles Robert Maturin
Frederick May
Rutherford Mayne
Thomas Francis Meagher
Fr Charles Patrick Meehan
Father Michael Meehan
Vivian Mercier
Brian Merriman
Alice Milligan
Seaton Milligan
Richard Millikin
John Mitchel
Susan Mitchell
Ernest Moeran
M J Molloy
James Henry Monahan
Brian Moore
Christopher Moore
John Moore
George Moore
Thomas Moore
Dermot Morgan
Lady Sydney Morgan
Jean Moriarty
Sir Richard Morrison
Billy Morton
Bartolomew Mosse
John Skipton Mulvany
Michael Mullen
William Mulready
R J Mulrenin
Iris Murdoch
Delia Murphy
M J Murphy
Patrick Murphy
Russell Murphy
Seamus Murphy
James Murray VC
John Fischer Murray
Thomas Cornelius Murray
Prince Murrough














































To Find out more click the name on the left hand side

Walter Macken - writer, Rain on the Wind, Hero, Seek The Fair Land

Mackies - family plot of the Belfast industrialists

Charles Macklin - considered one of the best actors of the age

R.R. Madden - writer, The United Irishmen - Their Lives and Times

Martha Magee - Magee College named after her

Francis Maginn - his persistence led to the formation of the British Deaf Association

William Maginn - writer, co-founded Fraserís Magazine

Edward Maguire - painter

Sam Maguire - gave his name to the cup for All Ireland Football Championship

John Pentland Mahaffy - Oscar Wilde's first and last teacher

Michael Mallin - 1916 leader

Mary Mallon - Typhoid Mary

Molly Malone - she was a fishmonger


Manchester Martyrs - Allen, larkin and O'Brien

James Clarence Mangan - Ireland's National Poet, Dark Rosaleen

Countess Markievicz - first woman to be elected to the British House of Commons

Joseph Marmion - beatified 2000

Narcissus Marsh - built one of the first free public libraries in Europe

Edward Martyn - one of the founders of the Feis Ceoil

Father Theobald Matthew - anti alcohol campaigner

Basil William Maturin - preacher and writer

Charles Robert Maturin - writer of novels of mystery and horror, Melmoth the Wanderer

Frederick May - composer

Rutherford Mayne - writer

Thomas Francis Meagher - Meagher of the Sword, Young Irelander

Father Charles Patrick Meehan - priest, patriot and scholar


Father Michael Meehan - the Little Ark

Vivian Mercier - writer and publisher

Brian Merriman - writer, the Midnight Court

Alice Milligan - writer, When I Was a Little Girl

Seaton Milligan - writer

Richard Millikin - best known for his poem The Groves of Blarney

John Mitchel - political activist, Jail Journal

Susan Mitchel - writer

Ernest Moeran - composer

M.J. Molloy - playwright, King of Friday's Men

Brian Moore - writer, Judith Hearne, The Feast of Lupercal, The Emperor of Ice Cream

Christopher Moore - sculptor, statue of Thomas Moore at College Green

John Moore - President of the Republic of Connaught


George Moore - writer, Esther Waters, Hail and Farewell

Thomas Moore - writer, The Harp that Once, Minstrel Boy

Dermot Morgan - Father Ted

Lady Sydney Morgan - writer, The Wild Irish Girl

Jean Moriarty - dancer

Sir Richard Morrison - architect

Billy Morton - National athletic stadium named after him

Bartolomew Moss - founded the Rotunda Hospital

John Skipton Mulvany - architect, Broadstone terminus

William Mulready - painter

Irish Murdoch - philosopher and writer, Booker prize winner

Delia Murphy - Ballad Queen of Ireland

M.J. Murphy - folklorist, broadcaster and author


Patrick Murphy - Irish Giant

Russell Murphy - accountant to the stars

Seamus Murphy - sculptor, Stone Mad

John Fischer Murray - writer

Thomas Cornelius Murphy - considered one of the best of the Abbey playwrights

Prince Murrough - son of Brian Boro