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Hugh O誰eill 1550-1616

Born at Dungannon, County Tyrone. He was raised in the protection of Sir Henry Sidney as an English Nobleman. He returned to Ireland in 1865 as Earl of Tyrone. He fought on the English side in the Desmond Rebellion and assisted the Earl of Essex at Carrickfergus in 1573. But he wasn稚 entirely trusted as being loyal to the Crown. In 1595 he declared his hand and took upon himself the title of The O誰eill. He was able to unite the various Irish Chiefs on behalf of Gaelic tradition, life and law. After a few years of skirmishes he defeated Sir Henry Bagenal at the Battle of theYellow Ford in 1598. The 2nd Earl of Essex wasn稚 any more successful but eventually O誰eill was defeated by Lord Mountjoy at the Battle of Kinsale in 1601 and O誰eill surrendered in 1603. He was allowed to retain his lands but only in the position of landlord, and the Catholic religion was forbidden. Kinsale signalled the victory of the English and the end of the old Gaelic way of life and in 1607, O誰eill led the Flight of the Earls when more than 90 chiefs left Ireland. He later died in Rome in 1616.

He is buried in San Pietro in Montorio, Rome, Italy beside his son where a great double slab covers the space beneath the floor. His own stone has the inscription: D.O.M. Hic. Quiescunt. Ugonis.Principis. O誰eill. OSSA