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Bernard McQuirt 1829-1888
Born in Donaghcloney, County Armagh. He won the Victoria Cross at Rowa, India in 1858. He was dangerously wounded in hand to hand fighting. It is believed that his medals were buried with him in his grave in Belfast.

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This memorial stone, was erected in 1995 in an Anglican graveyard in Donacloney, were Bernard McQuirt was born in a small village some 30 miles south of Belfast. But his remains are not in this graveyard. Bernard McQuirt died in Erney Street off the Shankill Road Belfast 5 October 1888, and no one knew were he was buried.

In 1993 while working for the Belfast City Council (City Cemetery) Robert Burns found Bernard McQuirt's registration & burial site in a Catholic plot of the City Cemetery Belfast. As there was no gravestone Robert contacted the Sherwood Foresters Museum in England and they proposed to pay for a stone. When Robert asked for permission to erect the stone in the graveyard the Catholic Church refused him permission as the plot was a poor plot with many other remains in the grave.

Robert then approached the City Council for permission to erect the memorial stone on a wall in Erney Street (off Shankill Road) were Bernard McQuirt VC died in 1888. This was also rejected. Then Robert approached locals from Donacloney to erect the memorial stone in the local village square beside the WW1 & WW2 war memorial. This was also rejected. Finally a local Anglican (C of I) Minister offered Robert Burns access to the local Donacloney Church graveyard to erect the memorial stone. In 2000 a British Army colour party from a regiment based in Northern Ireland finally dedicated the stone in memory of Bernard McQuirt VC.