This section includes painters, sculptors, stained glass artists, photographers, architects and designers. Art writers, critics, reviewers and art historians as well as collectors and those associated with the arts are also represented. Those without hyperlinks are still pending.

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William Ashford
Francis Bacon
James Barry
Alfred Chester Beatty
Michael Biggs
Ruth Brandt
Francis Browne
Frederick William Burton
George Campbell
Joseph W Carey
John Carey
Richard Cassels
Harry Clarke
Jerome Connor
William Conor
James Humbert Craig
Constantine Curran
Francis Danby
William Dargan
Gerard Dillon
Thomas Farrell
Percy Fitzgerald
John Foley
Gerda Fromel
James Gandon
Arthur Gilmer
Eileen Gray
Robert Gregory
Mrs Desmond Guinness

Charles Lloyd Harrison

Charles William Harrison
Joseph Haverty
Edward Hayes
Michaelangelo Hayes
Michael Healy
Patrick Hennessy
Paul Henry
Grace Henry
Hilary Heron
Derek Hill
John Hogan
Nathaniel Hone
Evie Hone
John Hughes
Mainie Jellet
Francis Johnstone
Sean Keating
Oisin Kelly
Harry Kernoff
Cecil King
Thomas Kirk
Charles Lamb
Hugh Lane
John Lavery
Hazel Lavery
William Leech
Concepta Lynch
Maurice MacGonigal
Daniel Maclise
JJ McCarthy

Raymond McGrath
May McGuinness
Edward McGuire
F.E. McWilliam
Christopher Moore
Richard Morrison
William Morrison
William Mulready
Seamus Murphy
Andrew Nicholl
Paul Nietsche
James Arthur O’Connor
Roderick O’Connor
William Orpen
Walter Osborne
Sean O’Sullivan
Jacob Owen
Sir William Lovett Pearce
William Pearse
James Pearse
George Petrie
Sarah Purser
Yann Renard Goulet
Elizabeth Rivers
Thomas Sautelle Roberts
Thomas Roberts
Markey Robinson
George William Russell
John Ryan
William Sadler
William Scott
Martin Archer Shee
Dora Sigerson Shorter
Patrick Tuohy
Benedict Tutty
Una Watters
Robert Lucius West
James White
J Edgar Winter
Anne Butler Yeats
Jack Butler Yeats
John Butler Yeats