Arbour Hill
















































Arbour Hill

The grounds are open during the day. The grave site is located at the back of the church in front of the wall. All the leaders were executed in Kilmainham Gaol. To prevent their graves becoming shrines, the bodies were taken to the barracks at Arbour Hill and placed in a quicklime pit in the yard. The gravesite is simple with an area of grass in front of six large stone tablets which have the Proclamation inscribed in Irish and in English. The grass plot has the names of the dead inscribed on the stone surround in English on one side and in Irish on the other.







Eamon Ceannt

Thomas James Clarke

Cornelius Colbert

James Connolly

Edward Daly

Sean Heuston

John MacBride

Sean MacDermott

Thomas MacDonagh

Michael Mallin

Patrick Pearse

William Pearse

Joseph Mary Plunkett

Michael O'Hanrahan