Helen Waddell
Luke  Wadding
Mervyn Wall
William Wallace
Edward Walsh
George S Walsh
Maurice  Walsh
William J Walsh
Ernest Walton
Sir  James Ware
Alfred John Webb
Isaac Weld
Arthur Wellesley
Robert Lucius West
Thomas Buck Whaley
Liam Whelan
Jack White
James White
James Whiteside
Lady Jane Wilde
Oscar Wilde
Sir  William  Wilde
King William lll
Tom Williams
Archibel Wilson
Florence Mary Wilson
Robert Wilson
Peg Woffington
Rev Charles Wolfe
Charles Wood
Billy Wright














































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Helen Waddell - writer, Peter Abelard

Luke Wadding - founded the Irish College in Rome

Laurence Waldron - MP and director of the Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford Railway

Mervyn Wall - writer, the Fursey books

William Wallace - composer

Edward Walsh - poet and translator

George S Walsh - painter

Maurice Walsh - writer, The Key Above the Door

William J Walsh - archbishop

Ernest Walton - physicist, Nobel prize winner

Sir James Ware - antiquarian

Alfred John Webb - Compendium of Irish Biography

Isaac Weld - writer and inventor of paper boat

Arthur Wellesley - the Duke of Wellington

Robert Lucius West - painter


Thomas Buck Whaley - a notorious

Liam Whelan - footballer who died in the Munich crash

Jack White - writer and broadcaster

James White - director of National gallery

James Whiteside - defended O'Connell and Smith O'Brien

Lady Jane Wilde - Speranza of the Nation

Oscar Wilde - playwright, Lady Windemere's fan

Sir William Wilde - doctor, writer, antiquarian

King William III - victor at the battle fo the Boyne

Tom Willimas - republican hanged in 1942 in Belfast prison

Archibel Wilsson - hanged at Bangor 1798

Florence Mary Wilson - writer, The Man from God Knows Where

Robert Wilson - Barney McGlone


Peg Woffington - celebrated actress

Rev Charles Wolfe - poet, The Burial of Sir John Moore

Charles Wood - composer

Billy Wright - leader of LVF killed in prison