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Sir William Wilde 1815-1876

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Born in Castlerea, County Roscommon. He was the father of Oscar. He was a talented man in the medical, scientific, literary and archaeological fields. His works include The Beauties of the Boyne and the Blackwater, Lough Corrib and Lough Mask, The Epidemics of Ireland, The Closing Years of the Life of Dean Swift and three volumes on the contents of the Royal Irish Academy Museum. He is buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin.

wilde sir w2.jpg (53533 bytes)           Isola Wilde is buried in St John’s Church of Ireland Cemetery, Edgeworthstown, County Longford. There is a mention of this at the gate but it states her grave is not known. Oscar wrote a poem called Requiescat in her memory. The first verse of the poem is the one quoted on the monument above. He kept to his death an envelope containing “My Isola’s Hair”.

wilde sisters.jpg (55470 bytes)             Sir William Wilde also had a number of illegitimate children before his marriage to ‘Speranza’. In November 1871 his two daughters Mary and Emily attended a ball at Drumaconnor in County Monaghan. As the event was finishing, the host asked Emily to dance. Her swirling skirt brushed against the open fire in the hearth and caught fire. Her sister raced to her assistance and her dress too caught fire. The host pushed them outside and rolled them in the snow. But it was too late and they both died. His social position precluded Sir William from attending the funeral. Sometime after it was over, he went to Monaghan and his groans could be heard even outside the house. The girls were buried in the local Church of Ireland graveyard.

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