Matt Talbot
Tallaght Three
Nahum Tate
Jeremy Taylor
Bartholomew Teeling
Alexander Thom
Caitlin Thomas
William Thomson
Sam Thompson
Katherne Thurston
Thomas Tickell
Pat Tierney
Mary Tighe
John Tobin
Joseph Tomelty
Wolfe Tone
Rev Chevenix Trench
W Steuart Trench
Robert Tressel
Benedict Tutty
Katherine Tynan














































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Matt Talbot - alcoholic who turned to religion, beatified

Tallaght Three - died or wounded in the skirmish at Tallaght 1867

Nahum Tate - poet laureate

Jeremy Taylor - bishop, religious writer

Bartholomew Teeling - United Irishman

Alexander Thom - published street directories

Caitlin Thomas - wife of Dylan

William Thompson - Lord Kelvin, scientist and inventor

Sam Thompson - playwright, Over the Bridge

Katherine Thurston - writer, very popular in her day

Thomas Tickell - writer and literary executor of Addison

Pat Tierney - poet who informed the media of his impending suicide

Mary Tighe - writer who influenced Keats


Titanic - some who sailed on her and didn't come home

John Tobin - dramatist

Joseph Tomelty - actor and writer

Wolfe Tone - one of the founders of the United Irishmen

Rev Chevenix Trench - began the work for the Oxford English Dictionary

W Steuart Trench - land agent who wrote an account of life in the famine days

Robert Tressel - writer, The Ragged Trousered Philantropists

Benedict Tutty - artist

Katherine Tynan - prolific writer