Sean Na Sagart
Blanaid Salkeld
George Salmon
Bobby Sands
Patrick Sarsfield
Peig Sayers
Duke of Schonburg
William Scott
Michael Seery
Sir Ernest Shackleton
Bishop Joseph Shanahan
Elizabeth Shaw
G B Shaw
Sheares Brothers
Canon Sheehan
F Sheehey Skeffington
Hanna Sheehy Skeffington
Margaret Burke Sheridan
Martin Sheridan
R B Sheridan
Arthur Shields
Dora Sigerson Shorter
George Sigerson
George Otto Simms
Major Charles Sirr
Marquess of Sligo
Paul Smith
Robert Smith
Annie M P Smithson
Harriet Smithson
Jefferson Smurfit
Somerville and Ross
Sean South
Father John Spratt
Dusty Springfield
St Aidan of Lindisfarne
St Brendan
St Brigit
St Columbanus
St Columcille
St Dairbhile
St Fiachre
St Goaban
St Gobnat
St Laurence O'Toole
St MacDuagh
St Muireadech O'Heney
St Patrick
General St Ruth
Frank Stagg
Austin Stack
Sir Charles Villiers Stanford
General Sir Anthony St. Leger
Sir Richard Steele
Tom Steele
James Stephens the Writer
James Stephens the Fenian
Laurence Sterne
William Stokes
Bram Stoker
Stowell Brothers
Sir Norman Stronge
Francis  Stuart
A M Sullivan
Alexander Martin Sullivan
Barry Sullivan
T D Sullivan
John Sweetman
Dean Jonathan Swift
J M Synge














































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Sean Na Sagart - priest hunter

Blanaid Salkeld - poet, granddaughter married Brendan Behan

George Salmon - mathematiician, Provost of TCD

Bobby Sands - died on hunger strike, writer

Patrick Sarsfield - defender of Limerick

Peg Sayers - writer, Peig

Duke of Schonburg - fought with King William at the Battle of the Boyne

William Scott - architect, Thoor Ballylee

William Seery - political activist

Sir Ernest Shackleton - polar explorer

Bishop Joseph Shanahan - missionary

Elizabeth Shaw - wrote and illustrated childrens books

G.B.Shaw - playwright, Nobel prize winner


Sheares brothers - United Irishmen, executed

Canon Sheehan - writer, Graves of Kilmorna

F Sheehy Skeffington - murdered by British officer during Easter Rising

H Shehy Skeffington - political activist

Margaret Burke Sheridan - one of the greatest sopranos of all time

T. H. Burke - killed by the Invincibles in the Phoenix park

Martin Sheridan - winner of nine Olympic medals

Richard Brinsley Sheridan - playwright, The School for Scandal

Arthur Shileds - actor

Dora Sigerson Shorter - poet, sculptor, Easter 1916 monument

George Sigerson - physician, translator, writer, Sigerson cup named after him

George Otto Simms - primate of All Ireland

Major Charles Sirr - captured Emmet, Tone and Russell


Marquess of Sligo

Paul Smith - writer, The Countrywoman, Come Trailing Blood

Robert Smith - prominent 19th century doctor

Annie M.P. Smithson - popular writer in 1930s

Harriet Smithson - actress married to Berlioz

Jefferson Smurfit - businessman

Somerville and Ross - writers, Some Experiences of an Irish R.M

Sean South - of Garyowen, killed in the 1950's conflict

Father John Spratt - preacher who brought St Valentine to Dublin

Dusty Springfield - pop singer

SS Ary - disaster at sea

All the saints

General St Ruth - French general


Frank Stagg - died on hunger strike in England

Austin Stack - revolutionary, politician

Sir Charles Villiers Stanford - composer

General Sir Anthony StLeger - horse race named after him

Stardust - tragedy on St Valentine's night

Sir Richard Steele - dramatist, essayist

Tom Steele - right hand man of Daniel O'Connell

Grissell Steevens - philtropist

James Stephens the writer - Crock of Gold

James Stephens the Fenian - Founder, Organiser and Chief of the Fenian Brotherhood

Laurence Sterne - writer, Tristram Shandy

Bram Stoker - writer, Dracula

William Stokes - one of Ireland's greatest doctors


Stowell Brothers - patriots

Strongbow - conqueror of Dublin

Sir Norman Stronge - prominent unionist

Francis Stuart - writer, The Pillar of Cloud

A.M. Sullivan - journalist and M.P.

Alexander Martin Sullivan - last Serjeant at arms, defended Casement

Barry Sullivan - actor much admired by the young Shaw

T.D. Sullivan - journalist, songwriter God Save Ireland

John Sweetman - United Irishman

Dean Jonathan Swift - writer, Gulliver's Travels

J.M. Synge - writer, Playboy of the Western World