Anthony Raftery
Michael Joseph Rahilly
Rudolf Eric Raspe
Charles Read
John Redmond
William Hoey Redmond
Oliver Reed
Forrest Reid
Mayne Reid
Thomas Devin Reilly
Republican Plots
Lietenant James Reynolds VC
Alderman John Reynolds
Edmund Ignatius Rice
Christy Ring
Elizabeth Rivers
Lennox Robinson
Richard Robinson
W R Rodgers
William Rooney
Amanda McKittrick Ros
Archibal Hamilton Rowan
Richard Rowley
George William Russell
Sir William Russell
Thomas Russell
Patrick J Rutledge
Edward Ruthven
Cornelius Ryan
Frank Ryan
John Ryan
Stephen Rynne














































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Anthony Raftery - poey,  best known poem is Mise Raifterai

Michael Joseph Rahilly - The O'Rahilly, died in the Easter Rising

Rudolf Eric Raspe - writer of the Baron Munchausen tales

Charles Read - writer, The Cabinet of Irish Literature

John Redmond - politician who called for Irishmen to fight in the Great War

William Hoey Redmond - answered his brothers call, died in the War

Oliver Reed - film star, he made the air move

Forrest Reid - writer, Peter Waring

Mayne Reid - writer of boys adventure stories

Thomas Devin Reilly - journalist

Republican Plots - Deansgrange, St Fintans, Derry , Kerry, Belfast, Cork

Lieutenant James Reynolds - winner of the Victoria Cross

Alderman John Reynolds - one of the first Catholic Mayors of Dublin


Edmund Ignatius Rice - founder of the Christian Brothers

Christy Ring - one of the greatest hurlers of all time

Elizabeth Rivers - painter and book illustrator

Lennox Robinson - playwright, The Whiteheaded Boy

Richard Robinson - architect

W.R.Rodgers - poet

William Rooney - poet and promoter of the Irish language

Amanda McKittrick Ros - the worlds worst writer

Archibal Hamilton Rowan - United Irishman

Richard Rowley - writer, founder of Mourne Press

George William Russell - AE, writer and painter

Matt Russell - editor of Irish Monthly for over 40 years

Thomas Russell - United Irishman, the Man from God knows where

Sir William Russell - war correspondent, Russell of the Times


Patrick Rutledge - Vice President of Fianna Fail

Edward Ruthven - political radical, MP for Downpatrick

Cornelius Ryan - writer and journalist , The Longest Day

Frank Ryan - republican, died in Germany

John Ryan - writer and painter, started the Bloomsday events

Stephen Rynne - writer and broadcaster