Thomas Heazle Parke
George Papworth
Stewart Parker
Charles Stewart Parnell
Thomas Parnell
William Parsons
Frank Patterson
Sir Edward Lovett Pearce
Patrick Pearse
William Pearse
James Pearse
Thomas Percy
George Petrie
Laetitia Pilkington
William Pirrie
Bishop Plunkett
James Plunkett
Joseph Mary Plunkett
Oliver Plunkett
Jacob Poole
Rev James Porter
Richard Power
Tyrone Power
Robert Lloyd Praeger
Thomas Prior
Father Prout
Noel Purcell
Sarah Purser














































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Thomas Heazle Parke – surgeon general, twice saved the life of Stanley

George Papworth – architect – designed Drummond monument and Heuston Bridge

Stewart Parker – playwright, Catchpenny Twist, Northern Star

Charles Stewart Parnell – leader of the Irish Parliamentary party

Thomas Parnell – Pretty Fanny’s Way, A Night –piece on Death

William Parsons – built the biggest and most powerful telescope in the world

Frank Patterson – tenor

Edward Lovett Pearce – designed the Parliament building in College Green

Patrick Pearse – leader 1916

William Pearse – 1916 leader

James Pearse – sculptor, father of Patrick and William

Thomas Percy – best known work is Reliques of Ancient English Poetry

George Petrie - archaeologist, musician, illustrator and water-colourist


Laetitia Pilkington – her Memoirs describe Swift’s last days

Aynsworth Pilsen – diarist

William Pirrie – shipbuilder

Bishop Plunkett - responsible for the evictions at Partry in Mayo

James Plunkett – writer, Strumpet City

Joseph Mary Plunkett – 1916 leader

Oliver Plunkett – saint

Jacob Poole - Remembered for his study of the customs and language of the baronies of  Forth and Bargy

Rev James Porter  - hanged 1798 for his writings

Arthur Power – painter, friend of Joyce

Richard Power – writer, The Hungry Grass

Tyrone Power – actor and writer

Robert Lloyd Praeger – botanist and writer, The Way That I Went


Thomas Prior – he obtained the grounds for the Rotunda Lying-in Hospital

Father Prout – the Bells of Shandon

Noel Purcell – actor with the long grey beard

Sarah Purser – stained glass artist