Eoin MacNeill
Patrick O'Brian
Charlotte Grace O'Brien
King Domnhall Mor O'Brien
FitzJames O'Brien
Flann O'Brien
James Francis Xavier O'Brien
Kate O'Brien
Kate Cruise O'Brien
Sir Patrick O'Brien
William O'Brien
William Smith O'Brien
Cathal O'Byrne
Mairtin O'Cadhain
John Corneliuis O'Callaghan
Turlough O'Carolan
Sean O'Casey
Brian O'Ceallaigh
Sean O'Coileain
Padraic O'Conaire
Daithi O'Conaill
Daniel O'Connell
Cardinal Joseph O'Connell
Peter O'Connell
Feargus O'Connor
Frank O'Connor
James O'Connor
T P O'Connor
Tomas O Criomhthain
Eugene O'Curry
Cearbhall O'Dalaigh
Seamus O'Dalaigh
Jimmy O'Dea
Mairtin O'Direain
Peadar O'Doirnin
Niall O'Donaill
Seafraidh O'Donnchadha
John Francis O'Donnell
Cardinal Joseph O'Donnell
Peadar O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell
Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa
John O'Donovan
Eoin O'Duffy
Padraig O'Duinnin
Eileen O'Faoleain
Sean O'Faoleain
Elizabeth O'Farrell
Tomas O'Fiaich
Liam O'Flaherty
Father O'Flanagan
Father Eugene O'Growney
John O'Hagan
Martin O'Hagan
Sylvester O'Halloran
Canon John O'Hanlon
Michael O'Hanrahan
Patsy O'Hara
Breandan O'hEithir
Liam Dall O'hIfernain
Brian O'Higgins
Kevin O'Higgins
Patrick O'Higgins
John O'Keefe
Father Owen O'Keefe
Sean T O'Kelly
Seumas O'Kelly
Monsignor James O'Laverty
John O'Leary
John O'Mahony
Ernie O'Malley
Grace O'Malley
Hugh O'Neill
Moira O'Neill
Seumas O'Neill
Captain Terence O'Neill
Aodhagan O'Rathaille
John Boyle O'Reilly
Nellie Organ
Dukes of Ormonde
Sean O'Riada
Sean O'Riordain
William Orpen
James Orr
Walter Osborne
Kitty O'Shea
Padraig O'Siochfhradha
Eoghan Rua O'Suilleabhain
Muiris O'Suilleabhain
Tadgh Gaelach O'Suilleabhain
Sean O'Tuama
Eoghan O'Tuairsc
St Laurence O'Toole
Gideon Ouseley
Jacob Owen
Robert Owenson














































To Find out more click the name on the left hand side

Patrick O'Brian – writer best known for the Aubrey Maturin series

Charlotte Grace O’Brien – botanist and writer

King Domnhall Mor O’Brien – coffin lid

Fitzjames O’Brien – writer of the macabre

Flann O’Brien – writer, At Swim Two Birds

James Francis Xavier O’Brien - one of the most prominent Fenian leaders in the south

Kate O’Brien – writer, Without My Cloak

Kate Cruise O’Brien – writer, A Gift Horse

Sir Patrick O’Brien – Irish MP and traveller

William O’Brien – writer and MP
William Smith O’Brien – Young Irelander

Cathal O’Byrne – writer, As I Roved Out

Mairtin O’Cadhain – one of the finest writers in Irish


John Cornelius O’Callaghan – writer, History of the Irish Brigades in the Service of France

Turlough O’Carolan – blind harper

Sean O’Casey – playwright - The Shadow of a Gunman, Juno and the Paycock and The Plough and the Stars

Brian O’Ceallaigh – encouraged O’Crohan to write

Sean O’Coileain – poet, Lament for Timoleague

Padraic O’Conaire – poet, statue in Eyre Square

Daithi O’Conaill – Prominent member of the IRA army council in early 70s

Daniel O’Connell – the Liberator

Joseph O’Connell – cardinal

Peter O’Connell – provided grave for the Colleen Bawn

Feargus O’Connor – leader of the Chartist movement

Frank O’Connor – writer, Guest of the Nation

James O’Connor – Fenian


T.P. O’Connor – Father of the House of Commons, founded the Star and the Sun

Tomas O’Criomhthain – writer, the Islandman

Eugene O’Curry – translated the Annals of the Four Masters

Cearbhall O’Dalaigh – President of Ireland

Seamus O’Dalaigh – one of the Maigue poets

Jimmy O’Dea – comedian

Mairtin O’Direain - one of the major poets in modern Irish writing

Peadar O’Doirnin – wrote poems and verses in both Irish and English

Niall O’Donaill  - remembered for his standard work Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla

Seafraidh O’Donnchadha – one of the four Kerry Poets

John Francis O’Donnell - one of the most prominent Irish poets of the latter half of the 19th century

Joseph O’Donnell – cardinal

Peadar O’Donnell – revolutionary and writer, The Gates Flew open


Patrick O’Donnell – Invincible who killed the informer James Carey

Red Hugh O’Donnell – victor at the Battle of the Yellow Ford

Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa – Fenian leader

John O’Donovan – translator of the Annals of the Four masters

Eoin O’Duffy – leader of the Blueshirts

Padraig O’Duinin – best known for his Irish dictionary

Eileen O’Faoileain – writer for children, The Little Black Hen

Sean O’Faoileain – writer, Collected Stories

Elizabeth O’Farrell – nurse who accompanied Pearse to the surrender

Tomas O’Fiaich – cardinal and scholar

Liam O’Flaherty – writer, The Informer

Father O’Flanagan – preacher, social activist, republican

Father Eugene O’Growney - wrote Simple Lessons in Irish


John O’Hagan – judge and poet

Martin O’Hagan – journalist who was murdered

Sylvester O’Halloran – doctor, helped set up Royal College of Surgeons

Canon John O’Hanlon – historian and parish priest in Ulysses

Michael O’Hanrahan – 1916 leader

Patsy O’Hara – died on hunger strike

Breandan O’Heithir – writer, television presenter, Over the Bar

Michael O’Hehir – GAA games radio and television commentator

Liam Dall O’Hiffernain – poet, he gives to Ireland the name of Caitlín Ní Uallacháin

Brian O’Higgins – poet and republican

Kevin O’Higgins - established the unarmed Garda Síochána, assassinated

Patrick O’Higgins - President of the Universal Suffrage Association


John O’Keefe – playwright, wrote the song I am a Friar of Orders Grey

Dixon Cornelius O'Keefe - cross over grave copy of Rock of Cashel cross

Owen O’Keefe – Gaelic poet and scholar

Sean T O’Kelly - a founder member of Sinn Féin, President of Ireland

Seumas O’Kelly – writer, The Weavers Grave

Monsignor James O’Laverty – Historical Account of Down and Connor

John O’Leary – Fenian, Romantic Ireland is with O’Leary in the grave

John O’Mahony – one of the founders of the Fenians

Ernie O’Malley – On Another Man’s Wounds

Grace O’Malley – pirate queen

Hugh O’Neill – victor at the Battle of the Yellow Ford

Moira O’Neill – Songs of the Glens of Antrim, mother of Molly Keane

Seamus O’Neill - His novel Tonn Tuile was a bestseller

Captain Terence O’Neill – prime minister of Northern Ireland


Aodhagan O’Rathaille – one of the four Kerry poets

John Boyle O’Reilly – poet and Fenian

Nelly Organ – Nelly of God

Dukes of Ormonde

Sean O’Riada – composer, Mise Eire

Sean O’Riordain - of the most important Irish poets of the 20th century

William Orpen – considered to be the finest portrait painter of his time

James Orr – a writer and poet in the Ulster Scots dialect

Walter Osborne – painter, meeting on the turret stairs

Kitty O’Shea – uncrowned queen of Ireland

Pádraig Ó Siochfhradha – writer in Irish, An Seabac

Eoghan Rua Ó Súilleabháin – one of the four Kerry poets

Muiris O’Suilleabhain – Twenty Years a’Growing


Tadgh Gaelach Ó Súilleabháin – poet and hymn writer

Sean O’Tuama – leading member of the poets of the Maigue

Eoghan O’Tuairsc – poet and writer, Infinite Variety

St Laurence O’Toole – patron saint of Dublin

Gideon Ouseley – a preacher

Jacob Owen – architect, work on Dublin Castle, Four Courts

Robert Owenson – proprietor of the Crow Street Theatre