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Breandán Ó hEithir 1930-1991

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Born on the Aran Islands. He was Irish Editor of the Irish Press 1957-63, editor of Comhar, was a television presenter on the current affairs programme Féach and wrote a popular column for the Irish Times and the Sunday Press. He wrote novels and other books. As the Irish Times obituary reported, his novel Lig Sinn I gCathú was the only Irish language novel to top the hard back best sellers list. It was translated by the author and released as Lead Us Into Temptation. Another novel Sionnach Ar Mo Dhuán was somewhat controversial for its sexual content. He received the Butler Prize of £10,000 from the Irish American Cultural Institute for his work. He also wrote Over the Bar and The Begrudger’s Guide to Irish Politics. His remains  were cremated at Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. 

Further information, location and directions to the grave are to be found in "The End - An Illustrated Guide to the Graves of Irish Writers".  Click here to order a copy of this book