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Frank O’Connor  1903-1966

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Born Michael O’Donovan in Cork. He was a pupil of Daniel Corkery. He fought in the War of Independence, was anti-Treaty and was interned for a period. He then entered the library service and eventually he became a journalist and broadcaster. While he wrote plays and criticism, he was considered Ireland’s finest short story writer. Yeats said of him that “he was doing for Ireland what Chekhov did for Russia”. His works include Guests of The Nation, Bones of Contention, Crab oconnor f2.jpg (51195 bytes)Apple Jelly, the novels The Saint and Mary Kate and Dutch Interior, the autobiographical An Only Child and My Father’s Son, a biography of Collins – The Big Fellow – and translations including Kings, Lords and Commons.

            He is buried in Dublin. The second photograph shows the plot until 2003.

Further information, location and directions to the grave are to be found in "The End - An Illustrated Guide to the Graves of Irish Writers".  Click here to order a copy of this book