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Pádraic Ó Conaire 1882-1928

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Born in Galway. He left Ireland to work in London in 1899 and became a civil servant. He married and had children but his alcoholism caused problems. He won prizes for stories at the Oireachtas in 1904 and 1909. In 1914 he went back to Ireland and spent a great deal of time wandering around the country and writing about what he found. His works include Nóra Mharcuis Bhig agus Sgéalta Eile, An Chéad Chloch, Bairbre Rua agus Drámaí Eile, M’Asal Beag Dubh, Deoraidheacht and Scothscéalta. There is a statue of him in Eyre Square, Galway. He is considered one of the finest writers in Irish. He is buried in Galway.

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