Terence Bellew McManus

















































Terence Bellew McManus 1811-1861

Born in Tempo, County Fermanagh. Sentenced to death for his part in the rebellion in 1848, his sentence was later commuted to penal servitude. He escaped from Van Diemenís Land to California. He was initially buried in California but his body was disinterred and transferred to Ireland nearly a year later. This was the first funeral in Ireland staged for political purposes. Archbishop Cullen refused to allow the remains to lie in any church in his diocese, except for the funeral mass. His funeral on November 10th 1861 was described by A.M. Sullivan as the greatest funeral ever witnessed upon earth. The monument over the grave was sculpted by Thomas Farrell and is known as the Fenian Monument. He is buried with John O'Mahony, Patrick Nally and others.



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