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John Mitchel 1815-1875

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Born at Camnish, near Dungiven, County Derry. He was a nationalist and journalist who edited the Nation. In 1848 he founded the United Irishman which became known for its militant content. This led to him being convicted of treason in 1848 and sentenced to 14 years transportation. He escaped to America in 1853 and published a year later his most famous work - Jail Journal or Five Years in British Prisons. He supported the Southern cause during the American Civil War and was imprisoned after the end of the martn john.jpg (43247 bytes)war. He was elected as MP for Tipperary in 1875 but was disqualified as he was a convicted felon. He stood again, and won the seat a second time but died before he could be unseated a second time. He wrote other books besides his Jail Journal. These include The Last Conquest of Ireland (Perhaps) and The History of Ireland.  He is buried in Newry.

The other grave is that of Honest John Martin.

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