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John St John 1798-1834

Born at Newcastle, County Limerick. He began life as a painter with some success. In 1827 he turned his hand to developing patent medicines. While he was extremely successful financially, his patients didnít do quite so well. He was charged twice with manslaughter, acquitted once and fined heavily for the second.

He is buried in Kensall Green Cemetery, London. The figure of Hygeia, the Goddess of Health is the work of Robert Sievier. His tomb bears the following inscription

It is the fate of most men to have many enemies and few friends. This monumental pile is not intended to mark the career but to show how much its inhabitant was respected by those who knew his worth and the benefits derived from his remedial discovery. He is now at rest and far beyond the praises of this world. Stranger, as you respect the receptacle for the dead (as one of many that will rest here) read the name of John St John Long without comment