Patrick Kavanagh
John B Keane
Molly Keane
Peadar Kearney
John Keegan
Eamon Kelly
Captain James Kelly
John Kelly
Luke Kelly
Oisin Kelly
Lord Kelvin
John Mitchell Kemble
Jim Kemmy
Patrick Kennedy
Thomas Kent
Myles Keogh
Judge William Keogh
Thomas Kettle
Charles Kickham
Kitty Kiernan
Thomas J Kiernan
Thomas Kirk
Lord Killanin
Lord Kitchener














































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Patrick Kavanagh - poet, the Stony Grey soil of Monaghan

John B Keane - playwright, Big Maggie, The Field

Molly Keane - writer, Good Behaviour

Peadar Kearney - wrote the words to The Soldiers Song

John Keegan - poet, Caoch the Piper

Eamon Kelly - storyteller, writer

Captain James Kelly - the Arms Trial

John Kelly - One of the chief organisers of the Land League

John Kelly of Killanne - the Boy from Killane

Luke Kelly - lead singer with the Dubliners

Oisin Kelly - sculptor, Garden of Rembrance

Lord Kelvin - discovered the second law of thermodynamics, inventor

John Mitchel Kemble - first editor of Beowolf


Jim Kemmy - politician. Limerick man

Patrick Kennedy - writer, Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts

Thomas Kent - 1916 leader executed by the British

Myles Keogh - fought at Little Big Horn, his horse survived

Judge William Keogh - judge who was particularly nasty to the Fenians

Thomas Kettle - poet who was killed in the First World War

Charles Kickham - poet, novelist and patriot

Kitty Kiernan - fiancee of Michael Collins

Thomas J Kiernan - writer married to the Ballad Queen of Ireland

Thomas Kirk - sculptor

Lord Killanin - involved with the Olympics for nearly 50 years

Lord Kitchener - your country needs you