Reverend William Jackson
King James ll
Anna Brownell Jameson
John Jameson
Mainie Jellet
Denis Johnston
Francis Johnston
Charles Jasper Joly
Jasper Robert Joly
James Joyce
Patrick Weston Joyce
Robert Dwyer Joyce
Stanislaus Joyce
William Joyce














































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Reverend William Jackson - United Irishman

King James ll - loser at the Battle of the Boyne

Anna Brownell Jameson - writer

John Jameson - whiskey manufacturer

Mainie Jellet - stained glass artist

Denis Johnston - playwright

Francis Johnstone - architect

Charles Jasper Joly - appointed Astronomer Royal for Ireland 1827

Jasper Robert Joly - his book collection formed the basis for the National Library

James Joyce - the whole family and some who inspired his characters

Patrick Weston Joyce - Origins and History of Irish Names of Places

Robert Dwyer Joyce - Fenian and poet

Stanislaus Joyce - brother of James and writer

William Joyce - Lord Haw haw