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Jemmy Hope c. 1764-1847

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Born in Templepatrick, County Antrim. He believed that the political system needed to change in order to improve the lot of the labouring class. He joined the United Irishmen and marched with Henry Joy McCracken on Antrim town. He went into hiding after the failure of the affair. He became involved with Robert Emmet and Thomas Russell and again was lucky to escape with his life. He eventually returned home and lived quietly until his death. His memoirs were published by R.R. Madden. Jemmy Hope was “The Northern Star” in Stewart Parker’s play of that name and he featured as a character in George Birmingham’s Northern Iron. He is buried in County Antrim.

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         On the other side is the grave of Luke Hope, who was the editor of Rushlight.

Further information, location and directions to the grave are to be found in "The End - An Illustrated Guide to the Graves of Irish Writers".  Click here to order a copy of this book