Anna Maria Hall
Frank Hall
Samuel Carter Hall
William Rowan Hamilton
Ellen Hanley
Davoren Hanna
Carl Gilbert Hardebeck
William Hare
Edward Harland
Timothy Harrington
Frank Harris
Charles William Harrison
James Harshaw
Michael Hartnett
Joseph Haverty
Catherine Hayes
Edward Hayes
Michaelangelo Hayes
Richard Hayes
Richard Hayward
John Healy
Timothy Michael Healy
Lafcadio Hearn
Paddy Heeney
Annie French Hector
Felicia Hemans
Augustine Henry
James Henry
Paul Henry
Victor Herbert
Chaim Herzog
Sean Heuston
John Hewitt
Francis Higgins
F.R. Higgins
Derek Hill
Bulmer Hobson
John Hogan
Michael Hogan
John Philip Holland
Evie Hone
Nathaniel Hone
Jemmy Hope
Gerard Manley Hopkins
Monsignor James Horan
John Hughes
Matthew Hughes
Francis Hutcheson
Douglas Hyde














































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Anna Marie Hall - writer, Lights and Shadows of Irish Life and Ireland

Frank Hall - television personality, Hall's Pictorial Weekly

Samuel Carter Hall - husband of Anna, co-wrote Lights and Shadows of Irish Life and Ireland

William Rowan Hamilton - scientist, discovered the fundamental formula for quaternion multiplication

Ellen Hanley - the Colleen Bawn

Davoren Hanna - poet

Hugh Hanna - Fiery preacher known as Roaring Hanna

Carl Gilbert Hardebeck - helped bring about a revival of traditional music

William Hare - bodysnatcher

Edward Harland - shipbuilder

Timothy Harrington - prominent in the Land League, Lord Mayor of Dublin

Frank Harris - writer, My Life and Loves

Charles Lloyd Harrison - painter


Charles William Harrison - sculptor

James Harshaw - diarist

Michael Hartnett - poet

Hamilton Harty - composer

Samuel Haughton - invented the long drop for hanging purposes

Joseph Haverty - painter

Catherine Hayes - opera singer

Edward Hayes - painter

Michaelangelo Hayes - painter

Richard Hayes - an expert on the Wild Geese

Richard Hayward - travel writer

John Healy - journalist

Timothy Michael Healy - first Governor General of the Irish Free State


Lafcadio Hearn - writer

Paddy Heeney - wrote the music for The Soldiers Song

Annie French Hector - writer

Felicia Hemans - poet, The Boy stood on the burning deck etc

Augustine Henry - botanist

James Henry - translated the Aeneid

Dr Michael Henry -  doctor during the Famine

Paul Henry - painter

Victor Herbert - bandleader

Chaim Herzog - first President of Israel

Sean Heuston - 1916 leader

John Hewitt - poet

Francis Higgins - the Sham Squire


F.R.Higgins - poet

Derek Hill - painter

Bulmer Hobson - nationalist

John Hogan - major sculptor

John Philip Holland - invented the modern submarine

Evie Hone - stained glass artist

Nathaniel Hone - painter

Jemmy Hope - weaver poet

Gerard Manley Hopkins - poey

John Hughes - sculptor

Matthew Hughes - poet

Brian Desmond Hurst - film director

Francis Hutcheson - the Father of Scottish Philosophy

Douglas Hyde - first President of the Irish Republic