Paddy The Cope Gallagher
Rory Gallagher
Agnes Galt
James Gandon
Michael Gaughan
Father Gentili
William Monk Gibbon
Gibraltar Three
Grace Gifford
Muriel Gifford
Sir John Gilbert
Rosa Mulholland Gilbert
James Gilmer
Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore
Baron Glenavy
Knights of Glin
Tom Glynn
Oliver St John Gogarty
Oliver Goldsmith
Eva Gore Booth
Cathal Goulding
Henry Grattan
Rev Charles Graves
Robert Graves
Eileen Gray
Sir John Gray
Edmund  Dwyer Gray
Alice Stopford Green
Lady Gregory
Gerald Griffin
Arthur Griffith
John Purser Griffith
Sir Richard John Griffith
Francis Grose
Thomas Grubb
Veronica Guerin
Arthur Guinness
Sir Bejamin Lee Guinness
Mrs Desmond Guinness
Denis Guiney
Sir Tyrone Guthrie
Aubrey Gwynn
Stephen Gwynn














































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James Gaffney - victim of Portobello disaster

Paddy the Cope Gallagher - established the Templecrone Co-operative Society

Rory Gallagher - musician, Taste

Gallaghers - tobacco manufacturers

Agnes Galt - sister of Rabbie Burns

James Gandon - architect-, Customs House, Four Courts

Michael Gaughan - died on hunger strike

Father Gentili - introduced 40 hours devotion and the Roman collar to Ireland

William Monk Gibbon - writer

Gibraltar Three - 3 IRA members shot dead in Gibraltar

Grace Gifford - married to Joseph Mary Plunkett

Muriel Gifford - revolutionary married to Tomas MacDonagh

Sir John Gilbert - historian

Rosa Mulholland Gilbert - writer


James Gilmer - painter

Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore - songwriter, When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Baron Glenavy - politician

Knights of Glin - famous family

Tom Glynn - writer, Dear Old Thomondgate

Oliver St John Gogarty - writer and doctor, As I walked down Sackville Street, model for Buck Mulligan

Oliver Goldsmith - writer, The Deserted Village

Eva Gore Booth - poet, The Little Waves of Breffni

Cathal Goulding - IRA leader

Henry Grattan - he declared the independence of the Irish Parliament.

Rev Charles Graves - Bishop of Limerick, grandfather of Robert

Robert Graves - doctor, Graves Disease named after him


Eileen Gray - designer

Sir John Gray - gave the water supply to Dublin

Edmund Dwyer Gray - newspaper proprietor, Lord Mayor of Dublin

Alice Stopford Green - historian

Lady Gregory - playwright, friend of W.B. Yeats

Gresham - hotel family

Gerald Griffin - writer, The Colleen Bawn

Arthur Griffith - founder of Sinn Fein

John Purser Griffith - engineer, Freeman of Dublin

Sir Richard John Griffith - Commissioner of Valuation

Francis Grose - antiquarian

Thomas Grubb - established a firm that made telescopes


Veronica Guerin - journalist who was murdered

Arthur Guinness - he of the black stuff

Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness - brewer who continued the work of his father

Mrs Desmond Guinness - Co-founder of the Irish Georgian Society

Denis Guiney - businessman

Sir Tyrone Guthrie - knighted for his theatrical work

Aubrey Gwynn - lectured in Ancient and Medieval History

Stephen Gwynne - writer