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John Wilson Croker 1780-1857

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Born in Galway. He was called to the Irish Bar in 1802. He achieved great success with his satires Familiar Epistles on the Present State of the Irish Stage and An Intercepted Letter from J...T...Esq. Written at Canton to His Friend in Dublin, Ireland. In 1808 A Sketch of the State of Ireland Past croker jw.jpg (53234 bytes)and Present attracted a similar response. From 1807-1832 he represented various Irish constituencies in the House of Commons and was Secretary of the Admiralty from 1809-1830. He wrote hundreds of articles for the Quarterly Review which he helped to found. He figured as a character in books by Disraeli, Thackeray, Morgan and Peacock. He is buried in West Molesey,  England.



Further information and directions to the grave are to be found in "The End - An Illustrated Guide to the Graves of Irish Writers".  Click here to order a copy of this book