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Walter “Watty” Cox c. 1770- 1837

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Born in County Westmeath. There is doubt about his birth date and the Glasnevin cemetery records note his age as 84! He established the Union Star for the United Irishmen in 1797 and ran the Irish Monthly Magazine from 1807-1815. The latter publication was quite hostile to the government and he was frequently prosecuted and fined. He even remained an additional 18 months in Newgate prison rather than pay a fine of £300. Peel, who was Chief Secretary for Ireland 1813-1818, stated that “Cox’s object was to ferment a bitter hatred against England”. He was such a thorn in the side of the government he was given a pension to leave the country which he did in 1816, returning in 1835. Lecky describes Cox as “one of the most peculiar individuals to be met with in Irish history”. He is buried in Dublin.

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