Martin Cahill
George Campbell
Joseph Campbell
Ethna Carbery
John Carey
Joseph Carey
Michael Carey
William Carleton
Richard Carmichael
James Patrick Carney
Winifred Carney
Paul Vincent Carrol
Arthur Joyce Cary
Edward Carson
John Keegan Casey
Roger Casement
Richard Cassells
Lord Castlereagh
Eamon Ceannt
Seathrun Ceitinn
Susannah Centlivre
Peter Cheyney
Erskine Childers
Erskine Hamilton Childers
Patrick Clancy
Willie Clancy
Austin Clarke
Harry Clarke
Joe Clarke
Kathleen Daly Clarke
Thomas James Clarke
Brian Cleeve
Hugh Clifford
Sigerson Clifford
Kitty Clive
Brian Coffey
Cornelius Colbert
William Cole
Colleen Bawn
Abhraham Colles
Jerome J Collins
Michael Collins
Mary Colum
Padraic Colum
Michael Comyn
Helena Concannon
John Condon
Father John Conmee
James Connell
Fiona Connolly
James Connolly
Sean Connolly
Jerome Connor
William Conor
Cardinal William Conway
Thomas Cooke
Sir Dominic Corrigan
Daniel Corkery
W.T. Cosgrave
John A Costello
Patrick Cotter
Watty Cox
James Craig
Margaret Craig
Major Thomas Crean
Tom Crean
Sam Cree
Creggan Poets
Archbishop Thomas William Croke
John Wilson Croker
Richard Boss Croker
Thomas Crofton Croker
George Croly
Paddy Crosbie
Eric Cross
Jack Cruise
Constantine Curran
John Philpott Curran
Sarah Curran
Alice Curtayne
Cyril Cusack
Michael Cusack
Cardinal Cullen















































To Find out more click the name on the left hand side

Dr Daniel Cahill - preacher, lecturer and pamphlet writer

Joe Cahill - republican

Martin Cahill - Dublin gang leader

Nicholas Callan - Invented the first induction coil

George Campbell - Painter

Joseph Campbell - Poet. My Lagan Love, Spanish Lady

Ethna Carbery - Writer. Roddy McCorley. The Passing of the Gael

John Carey - Painter

Joseph Carey - Painter

Michael Carey - First burial in Glasnevin

William Carleton - Writer.

Richard Carmichael - Doctor

James Patrick Carney - Professor of Celtic Studies

Winifred Carney - Secretary to James Connolly


Noel Carroll - Athlete

Paul Vincent Carroll - Playwright

Arthur Joyce Cary - Writer. A House of Children

Edward Carson - Leader of the Ulster Unionists

John Keegan Casey - Poet. The Rising of the Moon

Roger Casement - Nationalist

Richard Cassells - Architect

Lord Castlereagh - Politician.

Eamon Ceannt - 1916 leader

Seathrun Ceitinn - Historian. Geoffrey Keating

Susannah Centlivre - Playwright

Peter Cheyney - Crime novelist

Erskine Childers - Novelist and politician.


Erskine Hamilton Childers - Irish President

Patrick Clancy - Traditional musician

Willie Clancy - Traditional Musician.

Austin Clarke - Poet

Harry Clarke - Stained-glass artist. The Geneva Window.

Joe Clarke - Republican. Founder of the National Graves Association

Kathleen Daly Clarke - First Lady Mayor of Dublin. Widow of Thomas Clarke.

Thomas James Clarke - 1916 leader

Brian Cleeve - Writer. Dictionary of Irish Writers

Hugh Clifford - He wrote poetry, stories, radio scripts and plays

Kitty Clive - Comic actress and playwright

Brian Coffey - Poet

Cornelius Colbert - 1916 leader


William Cole - Soldier. Rising of 1641

Colleen Bawn - Murder victim. her story inspired many writers

Abraham Colles - Doctor. Colles fracture

Jerome J Collins - The longest funeral

Michael Collins - The Big Fellow

Arthur Colohan composer of Galway Bay

Mary Colum - Writer

Padraic Colum - Writer. She Moves through the Fair.

Michael Comyn - Writer

Helena Concannon - Writer

John Condon - Youngest soldier to die in WW1

Father John Comnee - Rector of Clongowes during Joyce's time

James Connell - Writer of The Red Flag, the Internationale

Fiona Connolly - Youngest daughter of James


James Connolly - 1916 leader

Sean Connolly - The first of the insurgents to die in 1916 at the City Hall.

Jerome Conor - Sculptor. Robert Emmet statue St Stephen's Green

William Conor - Painter

William Conway - Cardinal

Henry Cooke - preacher and political activist

Thomas Cooke - Singing master and composer

Sir Dominic Corrigan - Doctor. The Corrigan pulse

Daniel Corkery - Writer. A Munster Twilight, The Stormy Hills, The Hidden Ireland

W.T. Cosgrave - President of the Executive Council of the new Irish Free State from 1922-1932

John A Costello - Taoiseach 1948-1951 1951-1954

Patrick Cotter - Irish Giant

Watty Cox - "one of the most peculiar individuals to be met with in Irish history"


James Craig - First Prime Minister of Northern Ireland

Margaret Craig - Actress

Major Thomas Crean - VC

Tom Crean - Explorer

Creggan Poets - Art MacCooey, Padraic Mac A Liondain and Seamus MacMurphy

Archbishop Thomas William Croke - First Patron of GAA. Croke Park

John Wilson Croker - Writer

Thomas Crofton Croker - Writer

George Croly - Writer

Paddy Crosbie - School around the Corner

Eric Cross - Writer. Tailor and Ansty

Jack Cruise - Comedian

Constantine Curran - Writer. Friend of James Joyce


John Philpott Curran - Lawyer. Father of Sarah

Sarah Curran - Beloved of Robert Emmet. She is Far From the land

Alice Curtayne - Writer

Cyril Cusack - Actor

Michael Cusack - One of the founders of the GAA

Cardinal Cullen - He is reputed to have drafted the dogma on Papal Infallibility.