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Edward Bunting 1773-1843

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Born in Armagh. He was the first to collect and record the music of Ireland in a systematic way. He began in Belfast where he was living with Mary Ann and Henry Joy McCracken, who commissioned him to transcribe the music at the Harp Festival organised in Belfast in 1792. In 1796 he published A General Collection of the Ancient Irish Music which included 66 airs. A second bunting 1.jpg (55116 bytes)edition in 1809 added a further 77 airs. A third edition in 1840 contained a further 120 new airs. He is buried in Dublin. It is a common grave and there are others buried with him but just behind the grave and to the right, is a gravestone with an inset with the following inscription: To The Memory Of/ Edward Bunting/ Who Died 21st December 1843/ Aged 70/ Mary Anne Bunting/ His Wife/ Who Died 27th May 1865/ Aged 72/ And Their Only Son/ Anthony Bunting/ Who Died 10th July 1849/ Aged 25

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