Colonel Henry Baker

















































Beneath lie the bodies of two noble hearted men

Colonel Henry Baker

 A governor of this city during the siege of 1689. A man greatly beloved and trusted to whom the people of Derry turned in their time of extremity and who was found faithful unto death. Worn out by hardship and disease he died on June 30th 1689 on the 74th day of the siege and

Michael Browning

Captain of the ship Mountjoy of this city. Chosen to lead the relieving vessels he was killed at the boom in the hour of victory while encouraging his men in the face of terrible danger on July 28th 1689

Since death happens to all men, fortunate indeed are they to whom it came in so noble a form. These brave men deserved well of their nation whose greatness they did not a little to maintain. Their indomitable resolution and splendid courage is remembered with gratitude by those who enjoy the liberty for which they gave their lives