Francis Bacon
Colonel Henry Baker
William Balfe
John Banim
Michael Banim
Father John Bannon
Thomas Barnardo
James Barry
Dr James Barry
Commodore John Barry
Kevin Barry
Tom Barry
Thomas Bateson
Sir Arnold Bax
Piaras Beaslai
Chester Beatty
Francis Beaufort
Samuel Beckett
William Bedell
Brendan Behan
Brian Behan
Dominic Behan
Sam Hanna Bell
Willie Bermingham
Osborn Joseph Bergin
Bishop George Berkeley
Richard Irvine Best
Charles Bianconi
Francis Joseph Bigger
Michael Biggs
George A Birmingham
Helen Blackburn
E Owens Blackburne
Ernest Blythe
Thomas Patrick Bodkin
Harry Boland
George Boole
Elenor Booth
Oliver Bond
Brian Boru
Dionysius Boucicault
Canon Ulick Bourke
Elizabeth Bowen
Captain Charles Boycott
Brian Boydell
John Boyle
Patrick Boyle
Robert Boyle
Brendan Bracken
Teresa Brayton
Dan Breen
Louis Brennan
Brennan on the Moors
John Broderick
Patrick Bronte
Charlotte Brooke
Henry Brooke
Stopford Brooke
Christy Brown
Stephen Brown
William Brown
Father Francis Browne
Noel Browne
King Edward Bruce
Cathal Brugha
William Bulfin
Elizabeth and Mary Bullyn
Edward Bunting
Edmund Burke
Robert O'Hara Burke
Thomas Henry Burke
William Burke
George Burrowes
Peter Burrowes
Frederick William Burton
Hubert Butler
Rev Richard Butler
Isaac Butt
Alfie Byrne
Charles Byrne
Donn Byrne
James Byrne














































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Francis Bacon - Painter

Colonel Henry Baker - Governor of Derry during siege

William Balfe - Composer. The Bohemian Girl.

John Banim - Writer. Tales by the O'Hara Family

Michael Banim - Writer. Tales by the O'Hara Family

Father John Bannon - Campaigned against the Irish joining the Northern army during the Civil War

Thomas Barnardo - Philanthropist. Barnardo's Homes

James Barry - Painter

Dr James Barry - The army doctor who turned out to be a woman

Commodore John Barry - Founder of the American navy

Kevin Barry - Republican. Hanged at 18. The subject of many ballads

Tom Barry - IRA commander during War of Independence

Thomas Bateson - Magistrate murdered by Ribbonmen


Sir Arnold Bax - Composer and writer

Piaras Beaslai - Introduced the Fainne

Chester Beatty - Collector and first Honorary Irishman

Francis Beaufort - He devised the wind scale that bears his name

Samuel Beckett – Writer. Waiting for Godot, Murphy, Molloy, Malone Dies

William Bedell - supervised the translation of the Old Testament into Irish.

Brendan Behan – Writer. Borstal Boy.

Brian Behan – Writer. Mother of all the Behans

Dominic Behan – Writer. The Patriot Game, Liverpool Lou.

Sam Hanna Bell – Writer. December Bride

Lord John George Beresford - Archbishop of Armagh

Marcus Gervais Beresford - Archbishop of Armagh

Willie Bermingham – Founder of ALONE

Osborn Joseph Bergin - General editor of the Royal Irish Academy’s Dictionary of the Irish Language


Bishop George Berkeley - Philosopher and educationalist. University of California named after him

George Best - Footballer

Richard Irvine Best - Director of the National Library of Ireland 1924-1940. The librarian in Ulysses

Charles Bianconi - His cars revolutionised travel in Ireland

Francis Joseph Bigger – Author and antiquary

Michael Biggs – Sculptor. The Arbour Hill Proclamation

George A Birmingham – Writer. Spanish Gold, The Red Hand of Ulster, The Northern Iron

Helen Blackburn - She was one of the first to campaign for women’s rights.

E Owens Blackburne – Writer.

Ernest Blythe – Politician. Best remembered for his support of the Irish language.

Thomas Patrick Bodkin - Director of the National Gallery of Ireland

Harry Boland – Republican. Killed 1922


George Boole - Mathematician

Elenor Booth – She inspired Eibhlνn a Rϊin (Eileen Aroon)

Oliver Bond – United Irishman

Brian Boru – King of Ireland

Dionysius Boucicault – Playwright. The Shaughraun

Canon Ulick Bourke – Writer and promoter of Irish language

Elizabeth Bowen – Writer.

Captain Charles Boycott – gave his name to the English language

Brian Boydell - Composer

John Boyle – Victim of riots

Patrick Boyle – Writer.


Robert Boyle – Author of Boyle’s Law

Brendan Bracken – Politician. Advisor to Churchill

Thomas Bracken - Writer of New Zealand national anthem

Teresa Brayton – Poet. The Old Bog Road

Dan Breen – Republican. My Fight for Irish Freedom

Louis Brennan – Inventor of the dirigible torpedo and the gyrosopic monorail

Brennan on the Moors- Highwayman

John Broderick - Writer

Patrick Bronte – Father of the famous daughters

Charlotte Brooke – Writer. Collected and translated Irish poems and songs

Henry Brooke - Writer

Stopford Brooke – Writer. Primer of English Literature


Christy Brown – Writer. My Left Foot, Down All the Days

Stephen Brown - Bibliographer

William Brown – Father of the Argentinian navy

Father Francis Browne - Photographer

Noel Browne – Politician. Mother and Child scheme

King Edward Bruce - .Brother of Robert

Cathal Brugha – Republican. Killed in O’Connell Street 1922.

William Bulfin – Journalist, writer, Rambles in Eirinn.

Elizabeth and Mary Bullyn – Daughters of Ann Boleyn

Edward Bunting – Collector of Irish airs

Edmund Burke – Political thinker and writer. Reflections on the Revolution in France

Robert O'Hara Burke - Explorer


Thomas Henry Burke – Assassinated in the Phoenix Park by the Invincibles

William Burke – Resurrectionist and killer

George Burrowes - Environmentalist

Peter Burrowes - lawyer, advocate of Catholic rights in Ireland

Frederick William Burton – Painter. Meeting on the Turret Stairs

Hubert Butler – Journalist, essayist, translator

Rev Richard Butler – Historian

Isaac Butt – Politician, writer. Founder of the Irish Home Rule party

Alfie Byrne – Ten times Lord Mayor of Dublin

Charles Byrne – Irish Giant

Donn Byrne - Writer

James Byrne – Died after hunger strike during the Lock Out 1913