Robert Adams
Frank Aiken
Mother Mary Aikenhead
Cecil Francis Alexander
Eleanor Jane Alexander
Molly Allgood
William Allingham
C S Andrews
Eamonn Andrews
Mary Noel Andrews
Apprentice Boys
Arbour Hill
Mervyn Archdall
Lord Ardilaun
Thomas Arkins
William Ashford
William Ashcroft
Thomas Ashe
Sarah Atkinson
Margaret Aylward














































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Robert Adams - founder of the Richmond School of Medicine and Surgery.

Frank Aiken - Chief of Staff of the IRA from 1923-25. Minister and Tanaiste

Mother Mary Aikenhead - Foundress of the Sisters of Charity.

Cecil Frances Alexander - Hymn writer. All things Bright and Beautiful

Eleanor Jane Alexander - Poet

William Alexander - Primate of All Ireland

William Allingham - Writer. Up the Airy Mountains etc

Eamonn Andrews - Broadcaster

C.S Andrews - Politician and writer. Dublin Made Me. Man of No Property

Mary Noel Andrews - Social and political activist

Apprentice Boys - Closed the gates of Derry leading to the siege

Arbour Hill - Burial place of the 1916 leaders

Mervyn Archdall - Writer. Monasticum Hibernicum

Lord Ardilaun - Philantropist


Artois - Trapeze artist

William Ashcroft - Star of music hall and theatre. MacNamara's Band written for him

William Ashford - Painter

Thomas Ashe - Died on hunger striker

Sarah Atkinson - Social activist

Margaret Aylward - Founded the Sisters of the Holy Faith